Saturday, April 29, 2006

Booboobunny...Phone Home

. Saturday, April 29, 2006

My parents set up a personal 1-800 number that I could call to talk to them. Most every evening, I would find the nearest pay phone to call them. Most everyone else would call friends and family in the evening after dinner too. Sometimes, there’d be a line several people long when we were in a small town with a single payphone at the local Ma and Pa store. My mom is a secretary for the New York State Police, and she borrowed some wire tapping equipment and recorded our conversations. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the wire tap set up properly most of the time so I only have a limited number of our conversations on tape. Another problem I ran into was at some churches in the small towns. They still had rotary phones and the 1-800 number wouldn’t work on those phones. I called my girlfriend, Laura, a couple times during my trip. One time, I just kept putting quarter after quarter into the phone. The other time, she had me call her collect. I was really missing her and was feeling homesick at times during the trip. Talking to her always lifted my spirits because I did get a little homesick on my trip.