Monday, May 08, 2006

Day 11 – White Sulfur Springs, MT to Lavina , MT

. Monday, May 08, 2006

Temperature: 50°F to 80°F
Conditions: Clear
Wind: SE 5 mph

Ride Info
Altimeter Trip: 1,730 ft
Altimeter Odometer: 29,230 ft
Maximum Speed: 35.5 mph
Average Speed: 19.2 mph
Distance Trip: 102.9 miles
Distance Odometer: 849.0 miles
Elapsed Time: 5 hr 25 min 34 sec

Today totally rocked! Made a stop at an ATM at the Ma and Pa convenience store in Harlowton. A whole bunch of us ended up going to this one restaurant in town. I was pissed when I left the restaurant because someone leaned their bike against mine and put a nice scratch on my frame. There was a neat small-town museum across the street. This is another instance when the Internet is an amazing resource. I never in the world would have remembered the name of the museum but I found the name of museum on the internet. The museum even has its own web site. It’s amazing what I remember in the process of recreating this journal. I remember that I went to some museum in Montana and we went their after lunch. Look at the map. Pick a town about midway. Google to town’s name and “museum” and lo and behold, you’ve found the Upper Musselshell Museum. Sorry for the tangent. A bunch of us saw the museum across the street and felt it would be a good way to kill some time. The museum had lots of old pioneer stuff that was quite interesting actually.

Chip, Jim, and I hauled ass the rest of the way into school when we got back and noticed some of the photos of the graduating classes throughout the years. There were some classes with as few as two people in them. Guess we know who were king and queen of the prom!

I think this was one of the places that still had rotary phones so I wasn’t able to call my parents for the first time (which kind of bummed me out). The weather the next couple days was going to be well in the 90s. My body was feeling so strong that I welcomed the hot weather and the long distances. Bring it on!