Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

. Sunday, June 18, 2006

It's hard to believe that I celebrated my fifth Father's Day today. I got a couple new shirts a month ago because they were on sale. The Bunny family went out to IHOPs for our traditional Father's Day breakfast. Seems everyone else in Richmond celebrates that way too as it was quite busy. Had about a 25 minute wait to get our seat and then another 20 minutes before we got our food. Boo Jr usually does pretty good out at restaurants. After breakfast, it was on to the grocery store, and back home. It's 90°F today so I got the inflatable pool out and played in the pool for a while. The rest of the day will be spent just hanging and chilling out. I'll expand on this post tomorrow and talk about what it means to me to be a father. Happy Father's Day everyone!

Being a father is like the motto for the Peace Corp - it's the toughest job you'll ever love. Boo Jr is no terrorizing toddler but he's still "4-years old". I figured that my child rearing philosophy was "set" and that I was well equipped to handle any situation that arises. Boy, was I wrong. I certainly stick to my core values and try to remain true to them. But I see now why so many parents "give in" to their kid(s) every wish. My wife and I have tried our best not to do that and you can see the results. It's funny in a sense when Boo Jr is VERY ANGRY and says "no, thank you" when we ask him if he wants something. Now I know why people don't like advice from people without children. Before becoming a father, I was certainly aware of my role to "teach and guide" my child. It's kind of fun trying to answer Boo Jr's questions and to teach him about the world and the way things work. "See that? That's a double-check backflow preventer!" One never appreciates that responsibility until they actually live it. It's amazing (and frightening when you think about it) how much our kids pattern their behavior around their parents.

People say it so much that it has almost become a cliche, but it's amazing how much someone can love another person and how much that love continues to grow. A while back, someone on the Yada forum asked what everyone's favorite word is, and I said "Daddy". I'll even go out a limb and say I enjoy hearing Boo Jr calling me Daddy than "I love you". Because Daddy = Love.


gwen said...

IHOPS are one restaurant I like going to, their pancakes topped with loads of strawberries and whipped cream are the best!

Your Daddy comments are very sweet boo. Sounds like you're a great dad. The best gift to him is your time. BTW, do you plan on having more children? Just curious. :)

Boo said...

More than likely, we won't be having any more bunnies. I know that bunnies are supposed to have lots of little bunnies but not us. Thanks for the complement!

gwen said...

Ah ok. Well one is good, I have one but at times wish I had had more although that was impossible due to medical reasons. (Also had one die shortly after birth.)

Once is SO much better than none-though people without any don't know what they are really missing till they experience it like you said.

Just wait many many years (it goes wayyy fast) till you and your wife are grandparents. THAT's really cool! :)