Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sofie Pictures

. Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Photo 1: Sofie after being groomed

Photo 2: Sofie posing for Animal Crackers

Photo 3: Sofie hanging out in the living room with her humans.

Photo 4: These are Sofie's wounds after being attacked by a German Shepard back in 2003. This happened while we were in our apartment in Maryland. The German Shepard was on a leash but literally dragged the owner face first and managed to get ahold of Sofie. I had to repeatedly kick at the dog to get her to let go. The dog owner got kicked out of the apartment complex as a result, fined by animal control, and the dog was labeled a "dangerous dog". Next time the dog bites or acts aggressive, the law says the dog needs to be put down. Fortunately, Sofie was OK (all things considered). No stitches required, and the other dog owner had to pay for the vet bill.


GreeneyeZZ said...

not for the faint hearted, eh???

lol, tell her to sit like a lady!
Sheesh! :)

GreeneyeZZ said...

OMG Boo! I had quickly scanned your post, but must have not read that caption for that pic. Upon first looking at it, I thought Sophie was on her back with her legs open! Wow! I'm sorry! I didn't realize that was a wound!...I thought she was being "unladylike". I'm glad she was o.k.

Boo said...

That's OK. I just had to scratch my head after reading your comment.

Mohawk Chieftain said...

Poor Sofie did get chewed a bit. I'm glad she's okay. It's a real shame that people want macho dogs, but then they aren't responsible enough to keep them under control. I'm happy that Sofie got off without anything more serious.

gwen said...

Macho dogs?? Hmm, I've had a few german shepherds in my lifetime and they were the most wonderful dogs I've ever had. Friendly, loyal, protective all at the same time. Never ever had one of them ever go after another dog or another person. Not even bark at them.

As long as I was there, they would be friendly to anyone. Now if someone were to break in, or hurt me or the family, they would be protective, no doubt about it.

There are some who were treated badly or not "socialized" and these would be dangerous. You can't just lump all dogs like that in a category. Except pit bulls, which have those killer jaws and I would not trust them. Myself, I've gotten bit more by little terrier dogs than any other breed. Boo, This dog that attacked yours should be put down in my opinion.