Sunday, July 30, 2006

As seen on tv...

. Sunday, July 30, 2006

There's been commericals on tv lately for this stupid solar powered fan that supposedly keeps your car cool. The commerical is totally misleading. They show two cars side-by-side - one with the fan and one without. The one without the fan is over 100F inside. The one with the fan is a nice and cool 75F. What the commerical doesn't tell you is that the outside air temperature had to be less than 75F in order for the claim to be true. I bet a little fan running on hamster power isn't going to do shit for keeping your car cool. I tried to research the exhaust flow rate for the fan co I can do a calculation on the "real" temperature it could maintain if it was say 90F outside. Surprisingly, I couldn't find that information. Unless you crack one of the other windows, the fan is either going to not spit out hardly any air (due to the small motors inability to overcome the negative pressure generated in the car) or you're going to short-cycle air directly from the window with the fan in it (and that doesn't cool the car either). So if you're tempted to purchase this piece of shit - DON'T!