Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Trip to New York

. Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Bunny family drove up to New York this past weekend to attend my wife's 20th class reunion. Woke up bright and early Thursday morning and got on the road a little after 7:00. Ran into some light rain in Virginia and Pennsylvania, but it pretty much cleared up by the time we got to New York. Including making stops for potty breaks, lunch, and to stretch our legs, it took about 11 hours to get to the inlaw's house in Richfield Springs. We had quite a delay heading up I-88 because of the washed out bridge. Some other drama during the trip up included my wife losing an earring. Luckily, we called the Perkins restaurant in Hazelton, PA (where we ate lunch) and someone had found the earring and turned it in. Ate dinner and hung out the rest of the evening at the inlaws. They don't have AC so I was pretty miserable sleeping at night. The wife and I had to share a twin bed while Boo Jr slept on a cot.

On Friday, Boo Jr and I drove to my parents house in Oneida for the day. My wife had some class reunion duties to take care of, so she stayed in Richfield Springs. Took Rt 20 to Rt 46 instead of taking the Thruway. It was a nice drive with some great scenery. It was my first time seeing the windmills somewhat up close. Boy, are they tall! Spent most of the time at my parents outside on the deck talking while Boo Jr explored the backyard. We went for a number of walks around the neighborhood as well. Probably had to get rid of that pent up energy from sitting in a car seat for so long. Ate lunch at the Denny's in Oneida and later on ate dinner at Ebeneezer's in Sherrill. After dinner, it was time to head back to the inlaws for the rest of the night. Some more drama was going on there. The inlaws' husky had an anal gland burst during the afternoon so they had to take the dog to the vet. They were applying some hot compresses in the back room when I got there. Friday night, my wife went to the local Vet's club for an ice breaker event. She stayed until 11:00.

The next morning, they had arranged a tour of their school. Boo Jr stayed home with Grammie and Grampie. The school in Richfield Springs is K-12. I spent most of the time checking out the HVAC systems and such. They've added some additions and renovations to the school in the time since my wife graduated. A bunch of us went to the Tally-Ho restaurant for lunch after the school tour. Spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out at the house. I took Boo Jr for a couple more walks from the house to the town park and back. He was intrigued with the telephone poles (as most of the electrical stuff is below ground where we live). My wife and I headed to Otesaga in Cooperstown for the dinner dance. We had to leave early as my wife was in charge of organizing the event. It rained on and off as we travelled to the hotel but it eventually cleared up. My wife was on the war path when we got there because the room was not set up at all when we got there about a half hour before the event was to start. I had to hunt someone down to get staff to set up the room. The event started at 5:00 with drinks on the veranda. It has a great view overlooking Otsego Lake. After an hour cocktail hour, they took a class picture, and it was on to the main event. Dinner was excellent. Had some great people at our table. We adjourned to a different room after dinner for dessert and conversation. We ended up leaving around 11:30 as both my wife and I were really tired. Both of us had a really good time. Apparently, the inlaws had a good time and no problems with Boo Jr either.

The final event of the reunion was a family picnic at Glimmerglass State park on Sunday. I spent most of the time there entertaining Boo Jr while my wife socialized with her friends. It was a perfect day weather-wise. We wanted to stay at the picnic longer but some of my wife's relatives from the Albany area had come up to see us that afternoon. It was kind of boring hanging out while they all kibitzed with each other so Boo Jr and I went out for some more walks to check out the telephone poles some more. Just ate dinner and hung out at the house some more the rest of the evening.

We headed back to Virginia on Monday. We didn't run into as many delays heading back home. Made a stop at the Perkins in Hazelton, PA to pick up the earring and have an early lunch. Made a few more potty breaks along the way, got caught up in some rush hour traffic in Fredericksburg and entering Richmond, and we were home about 6:00. It was weird not having Sofie home as I'll pick her up after work today. It felt great to be back in the air conditioning and sleeping in my own bed again. I enjoyed my vacation but was looking forward to getting back to work.


Anonymous said...

Geez, Boo...had the timing been just a bit different we could have had lunch together in Hazleton! We were there Saturday at dinnertime. We ate at Friendly's, which is next door to Perkins, but the time before we ate at Perkins. Pretty funny. I'm always very happy when we get to Hazelton because they have CNY accents and I fee like I'm home. Hmmm. Wait. Do they have CNY accents or to we have PA accents? ;-) Anyway, Hazelton, Wilkes-Barre and Scranton all seem like places I could live in.

It took you a long time to get there! When we drive up in the summer with the camper it takes a long time because the camper cuts down on our time and we spend the night, but in the winter we drive right throuh and it only takes 12 hours, 13 if the weather is bad. And we're coming from further south! We take 81 all the way and go into Syracuse where we hit 90 and take it to the Westmoreland exit (or Verona is we stop at the res for gas). Pretty fast that way.

Anonymous said...

btw, I've never heard of anyone actually wanting to go back to work! LOL! You must really like your job!

Boo said...

We took breaks every 3 hours or so to stretch our bunny legs. The detour in NY and the traffic in Fredericksburg slowed us down too.

gwen said...

Oh man once I drove nearly non-stop other than getting gas from Tampa to here. OMG bad idea, was so tired and my legs were swollen and I was just barely out of teen years and in very good shape.

Now I always stop every few hours and spend at least an hour walking around and doing things. It's just not worth it to rush. Especially when kids have to sit in car seats that long too.

Scranton is so weird with all those houses touching each other in that one section of the city. That is crazy. How could anyone live like that? Pennsylvania is nice though, lots of rural church-only towns when you go the back roads.

Anonymous said...

Gwen, I once drove from San Francisco to Utica in 3 days. Bad idea!

gwen said...

Omg, ouch. lol 3 days? That IS nuts. lol :) That is why I like amtrak, you can stretch, walk around and travel for long periods and not feel like you do in a car.