Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Day 24 –Kearney, NE to Seward, NE

. Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Temperature: 78°F
Conditions: Clear
Wind: NE 6 mph

Ride Info
Altimeter Trip: 320 ft
Altimeter Odometer: 53,110 ft
Maximum Speed: 31.0 mph
Average Speed: 19.7 mph
Distance Trip: 117.7 miles
Distance Odometer: 1,831.1 miles
Elapsed Time: 5 hr 52 min 47 sec

You couldn’t get much better weather than today - 78°F and nary a cloud in the sky. Today’s ride was much like yesterday’s ride. Terrain was flat as a pancake and the scenery was STILL as boring as hell. Same deal with town spaces apart at about 15 mile intervals too. Even though most of the gang was feeling strong and energetic, many of us were looking forward to the rest day coming up on Sunday (today being a Friday). It’s neat seeing the names of the towns that we pass through. Some of the towns had names the same as places in New York. We went through Utica, Nebraska along the way to Seward. Tomorrow, we will pass through Syracuse, NE. Neither one are like their New York counterpart. The gang (Chip, Jim, Neil, Fran, and I) took it easier today and still managed to average close to 20 mph for one of the longest days of the entire trip.

On the side of the Wandering Wheels van was a laminated map of the US. After the completion of every ride, we would use a magic marker to highlight that day’s route. Looking at the map you could really appreciate the colossal nature of a transcontinental trip. We could see how far we’ve come and how much further we had yet to go. Many of us were excited that we would enter a new state tomorrow (Iowa). Everyone had their fill of Nebraska. Another cool thing to look forward to tomorrow was crossing the Missouri River. It would be MUCH wider when we crossed it this time compared to when we crossed it way back in Montana.