Saturday, August 12, 2006

Weekend plans

. Saturday, August 12, 2006

Looks to be a gorgeous weekend here in sunny Richmond, VA. We finally saw an end to the brutal heat we were experiencing the last several day. The temperatures in the 70s and 80s are feeling "chilly". Going to head off soon with Boo Jr and make a trip to Lowes to get some more string for the weed wacker. The lawn is in desperate need of mowing since I didn't mow it last weekend.

The weekend is also typically dedicated to doing chores around the house. Already straightened up the kitchen, cleaned the downstairs bathroom, and vacuumed the floors. I'll finish up the rest of the house tomorrow.

Depending on how motivated I am, I might put another coat of paint on the crown moulding I cut several weeks ago. I don't like doing DIY projects when my wife is at home because she tends to freak out about the mess I make. She'll going to Indianapolis for a conference in September so I'll likely put up the crown moulding up then. I hope to also install my Schonbek chandelier (the one that's been in it's box the last several years while we were in an apartment and while I was painting the dining room) at that time as well. I was a CAD technician for Schonbek as my first job out of college. I worked with some really great people in the almost two years I was there. However, there just wasn't any real opportunity for advancement and I felt I was not doing any "real engineering". On a side note - my wife recently called Schonbek to ask about what size medallion to put on the ceiling with the chandelier. She informed the person that I used to work there. Holly (the person from Schonbek) remembered me even though I worked there almost 10 years ago. Some of the other people, like Turtle - the laser machine programmer), asked if I was still riding my bike. It's good to be remembered even though I was only a short part of their lives.

Whew! That was some tangent I went on. Off to Lowes!!!


gram&lala&m&b said...

Boo I like these "real-life" posts of yours, they give us a little smidgen of a glimpse into the booworld :-)

Those are some scary chandeliers! They wouldn't last long in my house unless I changed the rules about nerf balls :-) Our house came with a cheesy brass "chandelier" in our dining room, so we got some acrylic paints and painted it a bunch of different colors, thinking that would be fun until we found a replacement we liked. Of course now that we've done our kitchen I want a new one but everybody loves the painted one too much!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow boo, that's some chandelier...looks like you and could swing from it...:)

Boo said...

Just to give you an idea of what nice people work at Schonbek - here's a little story. About 6 months after I left Schonbek for the world on consukting engineering in Rochester, I called them up and asked how much it would cost to buy thw model chandelier I worked on. I was only looking for a ball park estimate. To my amazement, they said that they would sell the chandelier to me at 10% above cost (one of the employee perks). It was great that they gave me the employe discount even 6 months after I left. I was able to get a $1,500 chandelier for "only" $550. I think I have some pictures I can scan and will post them at a later date.

Greeneyezz said...

Beautiful chandelier! Whenever I think of them, I automatically think of Phantom of The Opera.