Friday, September 15, 2006

Friendly's Restaurant - Now Smoke Free!

. Friday, September 15, 2006

Every once in a while, the wife, Boo Jr, and I go out to lunch during the week after Boo Jr gets out of preschool. We usually go to the Friendly's Restaurant just down the street. On the way in, I noticed a sign stating that the restaurant is now "smoke free". I'm glad that more and more restaurants and business are taking the initiative to be smoke free. Our waiter informed us that the company made that change a couple months ago. It makes me feel good that more places are becoming smoke free here in Richmond,Virginia - the home of tobacco giant Phillip Morris.


Kim said...

I like smoke-free as well. I hate eating in places where everyone is smoking. Blah. However, I don't agree that EVERYPLACE should be smoke-free if they don't want to. If a place wants to allow smoking, let them, but make sure they let everyone know they allow it. That way people who hate smoking, like me, can avoid going there. I think that would make everyone happy, and I bet the non-smoking places would do very well and have a lot of customers as more people don't smoke than do smoke. There is nothing worse than enjoing a nice dinner and having someone light up. Bleeeh.

Btw, we only have one Friendly's in this entire state! I noticed once on I-95 somewhere in Richmond there was a sign that said 'Last Friendly's until Florida'. I found that funny. :-) I used to love Friendly's, and I still do for the ice cream, but I think the quality of the food has been going down, at least on the few occasions I've been in one over the last few years.

GreeneyeZZ said...

wow, it felt odd to read about restaraunts still being a smoking environment. Kim, you too??? Still can smoke in public places in NC too? That *stinks*!

btw - Friendly's was my very first job. I worked there from 16 - 19 years.

Kim said...

Yeah, they still allow it here, although some places have gone smoke-free. But then, this is North Carolina where tobacco is a 'hearty vegetable'! :-o

Anonymous said...

we don't stop in PA to eat on the way south anymore, I don't like that stale smoky smell that's there even in the non-smoking section of restaurants there.

I appreciate the ban here in NYS, it had been in MD for a while already and it went into effect right when we moved here. It's a workplace safety issue legally, but it works for me too.


gwen said...

wow It WAS weird reading that! So used to everything being non-smoking (except the casino-blah!) I hate going there and you see all these people who are close to death sitting there puffing away and spending their money. It's so depressing. I hope I don't do that when I get to their age. There HAS to be a better life than that!