Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Praise for fellow co-worker

. Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I am one of the lead engineers at my job. On large projects, I frequently am supported by one or two junior engineers. I recently wrote the following letter of praise to our supervisor regarding one of my co-workers.

"I wanted to take the opportunity to make you aware of the high quality of work and the progress has made since I last worked with her on a major project. I have seen noticeable improvement in her CAD and design skills during this time. She continues to ask good questions when she does not understand something; she is quick to grasp new design concepts; and she makes fewer errors than in the past. sometimes even spots design errors that I have made while assisting me with my projects. I believe her design capabilities are superior compared to my design capabilities when I was at her experience level. I am happy that is on the design team for project, and I hope to work with her again on future projects."


gwen said...

Cool! Love to see women working right along men. Maybe sometime you'll be working aside her instead of above her. :)

Nice to see you praising her too. Sounds sexist, but I've always preferred working for/with men. Women were SO much tougher. Maybe trying harder to prove themselves? Not sure, but just my experiences.