Monday, October 23, 2006


. Monday, October 23, 2006

Faster than a speeding bullet! Able to leap tall building in a single bound! And absolutely and positively - THE MOST HANDSOME MAN I HAVE EVER KNOWN! This ol' rabbit got his hide scalped when his venerable Greenbay Packers made fish bait out of my Miami Dolphins. There was a little smack talk on Chief's blog during the short time Miami was in the lead, but the Packers were triumphant in the end

Did I tell you how GOOD LOOKING Mohawk Chieftain is? I bet his lovely wife has to keep him locked up inside the house to keep him away from all those other would-be indian princess.

So after I licked my paws and cleaned my wounds, Chief and I got the ol' peace pipe out and now we're buddies again. So please check out Mohawk Chieftain's blog and tell him that Boo sent you. You won't be disappointed!

BTW ladies - I also hear he's quite the Cassanova!


Mohawk Chieftain said...

Oh, Boo:

You could charm the hide off a critter in the wild. I think you missed your calling; you should have been a snake oil salesman, or bought yerself an automobile dealership. You'd have made millions, instead of building pretty buildings for kids and criminals!

I really appreciate you holding up your end of the bet, so I didn't have to send Elmer Fudd out looking for you!

I honestly thought the "homage" was gonna be to my guys in the green & gold... and not me! I try to avoid the limelight; can't take the pressure.

Now, I want you to take two carrots, go back to bed and then, call a doctor in the morning. Your eyesight seems to be failing you somewhat, if you think I'm so darned handsome. Either that, or you are not really a silly wabbit, but more of the bovine species as your homage proves that you are a master at spreading bullshit around... clearly my equal, or better; I have not yet decided!

I thank you and... before I forget, a good day to Little Boo and the Mrs., as well as yerself.

The Chieftain

PS: I finally figured out who Little Boo reminds me of: it's the little boy (Jonathan Lipnicki) who played in the Stuart Little movie.

Friday's Child said...

OMG Boo don't tell me you're a Dolphin's fan?



Pat's rule! Pat's rule! Pat's rule!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhh.......about our Chief, he is more than Casanova, he is so nice, so sweet, a real gentleman with ladies, and we all, women, appreciate that very much.

He knows the words to warm heart when we are sad. His words are pure velvet and he has a big golden heart.

Thanks to have made this hommage to our so nice Chief.


Mohawk Chieftain said...

What's with Pat's rule!? Who... is Pat? St. Pat? Or, that Pat from Saturday Night Live?