Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fred Phelps

. Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Someone needs to take a baseball bat and bash this guy's head in. I heard on Elliot in the Morning that this guy and his group of wackos are planning on protesting at the funeral of those poor Amish girls that were shot execution-style earlier this week. This is the same bunch of fuckheads that have protesting at the military funerals. Pehlps is protesting at the Amish funeral to get back at the governor of Pennsylvania who apparently shared some negative comments about Phelps recently on television. Phelps claims that the murders of the Amish girls was God's payback against the governor for saying the things he said. I'm all for free speech but this guy needs his head bashed in. How horrible!


gwen said...

That's sickening. I firmly believe that what you do comes back to you. And he's got something big coming.

Kim said...

This is something seriously wrong with that man.

Kim said...

That should be 'there' is.

Kim said...

Just googled him...he's even worse than I thought! He's not even human!


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