Saturday, October 07, 2006

Some of my wife's handywork

. Saturday, October 07, 2006


Kim said...

Looks nice! Looks like something my mom would do. I'm not into doing that crafty stuff, but I appreciate the people who are.

GreeneyeZZ said...

Great Wreath boo! Very nicely done!

Hey! I had responded on yada about your comment about my Porn.

I had left you a bouquet, as I truly wanted to send my very best!

Not only was it deleted, but I've been sent to the sin-bin as well! SHEESH!!!

Sooo, I'm gonna be extra nice to you and give it to you here!

A Bouquet for Boo

~ Madame ZZ


Friday's Child said...

Very pretty. You've never mentioned what Mrs.Boo's bobbies are.

gwen said...

Ok now, very nice. Boo, your wife did a great job on that!

My mother does lots of crafts, she's very good. I knit and crochet once in a while. Usually make a scarf at least and maybe an afghan each year. Sometimes sew, but too unorganized for crafts.

I love going to church bazaars and crafts shows though! :)

gwen said...

stG, what did you mean by mrs. boo's bobbies? lol I'm imagining some English bobbies patrolling the bunny home! :)

Friday's Child said...


I meant HOBBIES!!

BTW remind me never to open one of ZZ's bouquets!!

GreeneyeZZ said...


Gabe, I'm hurt. Truly I am! Here I am, sending my very Best, and you don't appreciate my gesture! Sheeeeesh!!

~ Hurt ZZ

Friday's Child said...

Well ZZ I think it affected the way I responded. I wrote bobbies instead of hobbies and it could have been worse! It could have been boobies! And what was with the purple one in the middle?

GreeneyeZZ said...

The purple one, eh??? A Rose By a Differnt Color...would be just as sweet! hehehe

Truth be told, I've never seen an uncircumsized penis before, so it was educational for me!

Anonymous said...

greeneyezz I thought the same thing --- i'd never seen an uncircumsized penis before either.

what's next, a bouquet of bobbies?


GreeneyeZZ said...

Newt - Only if the Bobbies all have penises! lol

From the looks of the post that boo put up a few down from this one, one would think he would like to see a bouquet or two of Boobies. :)

Friday's Child said...

Oh yea the babe on the beach with the fake boobs. They were HUGE Billy!! They were so big I had a hard time telling her hip from her breast! They were so big they looked like they would explode! They were so round they looked like balls...cement balls!

Please do not bring up the topic of circumcised vs uncircumcised on yada. It has been beat to death in the past. All the men line up to tell us who has been *cut* vs who hasn't and several women take pleasure in telling which is a better sexual experience. TMI IMO.

Hey!! My word verification is prpkg is that an acronym for purple package? As in purple penis?

Boo said...

Hey everyone. This is a FAMILY-FRIENDLY website. So cut all this fucking bullshit! ~ saracsm ~

GreeneyeZZ said...

Family Friendly Website, eh??

And that woman below with breasts that would certainly keep her afloat, falls under that category? HA!

Gabe, You too??? I also had a hard time discerning her breast from her hip.

Though having an open discussion about circumcised / uncircumcised may not be very public-friendly for Yada, I see nothing wrong in opening that up for discussion.

I was a bit surprised when I first saw that pic, for that very reason. Personally, with me having no experience with the uncut version, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious about if there was a difference in feeling. I'm also a bit curious from a man's POV. How does it differ for them?

Anonymous said...

Hey gabe, I was just commenting on my experience (or lack thereof)!

prpkg looks like "purple package" to me. Which probably means purple penis. :-)

ZZ I showed my 12-year-old the grandpa picture you posted on the RF and after his eyes retreated back into his head he said "boy, he must really like fish!"

~newt (mother of the year LOL)

Anonymous said...

Your wife makes very beautiful things.. Thanks for sharing this picture.

Clo (who is upset about the french politicians and their new law about smoking.. and nothing against alcool !! hypocrite ppl !)