Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Damage to My Wife's Car

. Wednesday, November 01, 2006


gwen said...

Just my opinion: If it was me, and I liked living there and liked my neighbors, I'd eat the damage and forget it. It was an accident.

You park that close to each other that they can hit doors like that? Are your houses that close?

lol Sorry it's just really weird for me to even imagine hitting my neighbor's car as it's so far away...

Good luck with it all and hope this doesn't spoil your relationship with your neighbors.

Mohawk Chieftain said...

Good fences... make good neighbors. Are they gonna pay for it? As long as they offer... that makes it better.

Boo said...

This was damage done in a mall parking lot by a total stranger. Even if the damage was caused by neighbor, I'm not going to live with a damaged car and I don't have the finances to say "oh well" to an $800 bill.


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