Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Yada Plates

. Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Here are some Virginia vanity plates for the people of YADA. I have filled in some sayings for some people. Others are blank because I have to work! Feel free to leave your 8 character plate for the people below (indicated by ********). And if you don't see your name here, don't worry. I'll do another post in the near future Plate 1 - Gwen: ********
Plate 2 - FreqFlyer: NOITALL
Plate 3 - Doboy: POKETHIS
Plate 4 - Mazz: MAZZHOLE
Plate 5 - SAHM: ********
Plate 6 - DisneyKid: ********
Plate 7 - Milo: PRRRRRRR
Plate 8 - Newt: ********


Anonymous said...

I'm confused. The only name I see here is Newt's and a plate that says Sample. Is this the blogger problem you were talking about?

Boo said...

No. When I got that error message, I deleted all of the plates except Newt's so I could get rid of the GIF files. It still wouldn't post at the time. I will edit the post to its intended state during lunch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks BOO. I love that plate. NY has something like that. I want to get it but I am still deciding on what I want it to say. My son will just love it. He hates the animal stuff I have on my car now.


Friday's Child said...

I can see them all and you did a good job with one exception...why the need to fall into someone else's pissing match? I think you know which plate I'm referring to.

Anonymous said...

that's cool boo! but you didn't do one for you!


Anonymous said...

yeah freq's and mazz's are not nice! For freq, I'd say "wiseowl" or something like that; mazz, "haaaaaa"; doboy's is very cute what you have! Of course zz would be "grneyzz" yours would be "badrabbit?" :)

I can't think of any more either, too tired tonight, cleaned all day, moved furniture, yadayadayada. lol


Anonymous said...

Cute. :-) You know what's funny, though? I LOVE Disney, and I AM a Parrothead, but I don't think there is a lot of love between Jimmy and Disney! But, I love 'em both so it's ok. :-)

Anonymous said...

Mine should say


Friday's Child said...


FINS2LFT is a great idea for a plate! Did you see the interview on 60 Minutes with Jimmy talking about his friendship with Ed Bradlee? Tearful to say the least.