Wednesday, December 20, 2006

From Russia with Love

. Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sorry for the poor picture quality but I had problems with the flash reflecting off the shiny cover. My friend and coworker, Lyuda, always gives her favotite coworkers Russian chocolate bars for Christmas. Russian chocolate is very different from a Hershey's bar. It has a lot more air in it and has a bit of a "cake" quality to it. It tastes good enough to eat but I wouldn't go out and buy some. Still, I look forward to these and other gifts (such as the nesting dolls) from Lyuda every year.


Anonymous said...

That's nice of her boo. What gifts do you give out?


Boo said...

I send x-mas cards to many of my coworkers.

Friday's Child said...

Christmas cards? Boring! I say if you know you're going to receive a gift ahead of time you may want to reciprocate.

One of my coworkers exchanges gifts, pictures & cards with someone in Poland...very cool.

Anonymous said...

Nesting Dolls.

I have a set of those in my office.

They're great for describing our our 'inner selves', including the little, tiny 'child' in all of us.

It was also given to me by our previous psychiatrist.