Monday, December 18, 2006

Greenheck Trip - Day 3

. Monday, December 18, 2006

There wasn't supposed to be a day 3 to this trip, but thick fog caused us to have to stay another day. I didn't sleep very well last night because it was too hot in the room. I turned the temperature on the thermostat down as low as it could go, but I ended up having to sleep with no covers on. Calm down ladies!!! Turns out that the hotel operates on a two-pipe system and had switched the system over to heating for the winter. They didn't have the traditional PTAC units that many hotels use. Being that it was relatively mild out (for Minnesota anyway), the building actually needed to be cooled. Kind of hard to cool with hot water! JT was the smart one and cooled his room the old fashioned way - he opened the window.

Had a little bit of a scare at the hotel in the morning. Duke had shared a story last night about how he had a mild heart attack a few months ago. It was getting to be 8:00 (the designated time to take the shuttle to the airport) and still no Duke. I called his room and there was no answer. Part of me was worried that he was dead in his room. No sooner than I got off the phone was he heading out of elevator and ready to go.

Took the hotel shuttle to the airport. The driver was cracking bad jokes on the way to the airport. He even stopped by a group of women near our drop off point, roled down the window, and told them a joke. "What's the difference between a certificate of deposit and a man? A CD will eventually mature." Hardy-har-har!!! GAG!!!

It was pretty smooth sailing through security. Went to go the bathroom one last time before bording and stupidly placed my newly purchased (by Duke) coffee on the handrail while I did my business. The guy in the next stall over slammed his door which caused my coffee to fall and spill all over the floor. Had about a half hour delay getting off the ground in Minneapolis while we got de-iced. We had to hustle to get to our next flight in Detroit. We ended up landing in Richmond around 3:30.

Duke had to make a stop at the store to pick up some medicine that his wife forgot to pick up and then dropped me off at home around 5:00.

My son and dog missed me horribly. My wife said that my son was distraught when I wasn't there this morning. Can you say "guilt trip"? Sofie was moping around the entire time I was gone too. Both she and my son gave me plenty of hugs and kisses when I got home. Any hard feelings my son had about me not being home quickly went away when I gave him his stuffed cow toy. The cow and my son are now inseperable.