Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It's official!

. Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Old Man Winter is here in central VA. How do I know? I broke down and actually wore my winter jacket and gloves last night while walking Sofie. I actually like winter in certain doses. I get tired of the early darkness and when it's bitterly cold for days on end, but I'd rather it be really cold outside instead of really hot.

It's funny how only a few inches of snow sends everyone into a panic down here. I always thought the plows up north did a great job but I have even more respect for them now since living in VA. Here are brief summaries (in no particular order) of some memorable wintertime weather events.

  1. While attending Clarkson University, a period of seven days when the high temperature of the day didn't get above 0 degrees F. Lows were typically around -35F and wind chills were around -50F.
  2. During a long, bitter cold snap while living in Plattsburgh, NY, the ice cracked on Lake Champlain and made a loud BOOM noise heard and felt more than 25 miles away. 911 received many calls from people asking if there was an earthquake.
  3. February 1998 - Rochester, NY: Got 48" of snow over a 3 day period (probably close to 36" on the first day alone. The first day of the storm was a Friday. As a typical CNYer, I still go to work only to be sent home because a state of emergency is declared.
  4. March 1993 - Visiting a friend in Pittsburgh, PA during Spring Break and get snowed in by over 2 ft of snow. Couldn't get back to school that Monday because the roads were closed. Asshole Dynamics professor gives a pop quiz that day. Most of the class receives "zeroes" because most of the class was snowed in and couldn't attend.