Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Let there be LIGHT!!!

. Tuesday, December 26, 2006

These are some pictures of my Schonbek chandelier that I FINALLY hung up in my living room this weekend. It had been in storage for several years and was last hanging in my townhouse in Rochester, NY. I had it in storage because we were living in apartments a good chunk of that time after leaving NY. Being that it's a major pain in the ass to hang the fixture, I waited until (1) we had some "real" dining room furniture and not just as empty room and (2) the room was painted. Honestly, the furniture and painting had been done for many months now and I finally got the bugger hung. It was well worth the effort.

Schonbek was my first job out of college. Even though Schonbek was a great company to work for and are great people, I knew that this job and living in Plattsburgh wasn't in my long term interest. So I got a job in Rochester and jumped into the wacky world on consulting engineering. I purchased this chandelier back in 1998 soon after I left Schonbek. Schonbek was gracious enough (even without me inquiring - honest!) to let me purchase this chandelier with an employee discount (a minimal percentage above cost). So I was able to purchase this $1,500 chandelier for about $500.

This model chandelier is called Galleon. While it was in development at Schonbek, we nicknamed it Cinderella. It was my favorite chandelier that I worked on and is the main reason why I bought it.


Friday's Child said...

Ohhh pretty!

Reminds me of a story from my grandmother who had 2 such light fixtures. She was discussing who she was leaving what possessions to (practical woman that she was) and I said "just don't leave me one of those lights!".

You guessed it she did.

Enjoy cleaning it!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! And you paid 500 dollars back then? I paid 500 for my car. lol

It's very pretty though, and I can see why you like it. :)


Clo said...

waouhhhh...very beautiful chandelier. Now your home looks like Versailles !

You'll enjoy to clean it ! A good thing is to use soap and water only (mineral water, or rain water)..

Enfin, il est vraiment très beau ! You have a very good taste.

Have a happy new year. All my best wishes.
Tous mes meilleurs voeux de bonne année 2007 et de bonne santé pour vous et votre famille.


lexus said...

Cinderella leaves a beautiful glow to your nice home. Your family will enjoy its elegance for a long time.

Your son is cute. I am sure it is delightful to watch him learn and have new experiences daily.

You are blessed with a wonderful life and family.