Saturday, December 09, 2006


. Saturday, December 09, 2006

I rarely listen to music on the radio any more. I'm not into "pop" music at all. It's way too processed and it all sounds the same. I probably stopped listening to pop music back in the 80s. A majority of the music I listen to now isn't even played on the radio. When I do listen to music on the radio, it's typically "classic rock" or "alternative rock" stations.

There are links to some of my favorite music groups on my blog's sidebar. Without having the benefit of having my music collection in front of me, here is a list of all the music groups I have cds of (in no particular order).

Spock's Beard
Dream Theater
Liquid Tension Experiment
The Tragically Hip
Son Volt
The Watchmen
Linkin Park
Peter Gabriel
Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
Schrodinger's Cat
Alice in Chains
Robert Plant
Pat Benetar
Loreena McKennit
Jethro Tull
Joe Satriani
Eric Johnson
Van Halen

I'm sure I missed some but that's a pretty good summary.


Anonymous said...

I saw Lincoln Park in Buffalo with STP, and Bush of course I saw in Oswego years ago, my favorite! He's so intense and hot, you would swear he 'got off' on his guitar on stage, just before he jumped into the audience about 3 feet from where I was standing near the stage. Let's see Radiohead is cool, Queen, Metallica of course, AIC I LOVE, here is an awesome youtube of 'down in a hole':

from MTV unplugged... I like Man in a box too. These are the ones I have cd's of. Some of those I never heard of, but most of them are pretty good. Although I disagree that the new music isn't good, it's out there. You just have to be open to it. :)


Boo said...

I didn't say that "new" music sucks. I said that "pop" music sucks.

What new music would YOU recommend?

Anonymous said...

Nickelback, Eminescence, Hinder, Jewel, have some good new music out. Just to name a few.

Boo said...

I forgot to include Evanescence and Pink Floyd in my list. I didn't include any of my classical music which includes Stravinski, Rossini, Holst, and several movie soundtracks.