Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Looking Back

. Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I think that Time magazine was right making "YOU" the person of the year. With the explosion of blogs, forums, and sites like Youtube, and the impact that they've had on society, that decision really makes sense.

Each of those (except Youtube because it's blocked at work and I'm still in the Dark Ages at home with dial-up) have had a large influence on MY life. One of the big "events" this year for me was the start of my blog - Rabbit Ramblings. Some friends of mine from the Syracuse.com - Yada Forum were responsible for getting me going, the biggest being Disney Kid. Others such as Greeneyezz and Doboy also were good influences and good role models.

I didn't really know what to expect from my blog and blogging in general. The biggest thing was making new friends and strengthening the bond with existing ones. New friends include Mohawk Chieftain, Clochette, and Lady Bristol. Plenty of the Yada gang come to visit regularly too, and I have become closer friends with many of you. Thank you all for reading!

I really DO try and provide content that (1) tells the reader a little something about me and (2) is of interest to the reader. It's neat to see that I have some regular readers from all over the country (the world even). More than likely, they found my blog via the Syracuse.com forums, and I'm glad they choose to keep coming back.

Other friends came about quite by accident - Mohawk Chieftain, Clochette, and Lady Bristol are prime examples. I discovered Chief's blog because he had left a comment on DK's blog. Chief happeded to be posting commentary about the problems in Darfur, and I immediately knew his blog was well worth putting in my "Favorites". Clo and Lady B are also visitors of Chief's blog, and that's how I discovered their blogs.

My blog goals for 2007 include continuing with and expanding on my Green Design posts, providing more frequent commentary on the day's news and issues, and most importantly...


Thanks again everyone for visiting (and hopefully actually reading). Come back again soon!!!