Thursday, January 11, 2007

RSS Feeds

. Thursday, January 11, 2007

RSS stands for "real simple syndication". It is ANYTHING BUT SIMPLE. The goals that I want to accomplish are:

1. Have "headlines" of recent posts from all of favorite Blogger friends. That way, people can come to my site and see, "Gee! Mohawk Chieftain just updated his blog. I'll click on this link and see what he's bitching about today."

2. Allow people to "subscribe" to my blog and be "notified" when I've added a new post. I think that's how the RSS feature in Internet Explorer 7 is supposed to do.

3. Allow other blogs to include my blog as a link if they want to accomplish goal number 1 as well.

I created an account with Feedburner and I was able to insert the little RSS icon thingy, but that's about it. Can anyone out there help me out?!?!

I think I figured something out. I went to my blog and then clicked on the RSS icon located on the IE-7 toolbar. I think you then click on a link to "subscribe". That adds a feed that can be viewed under the "Feeds" tab in your Favorites Center. You can adjust the settings on your Feeds tab to tell it how frequently to scan for updates. So after I subscribed to my own blog, I published a new post. I went back to the Feeds tab, hovered my mouse, and it says, "One new post" or something to that effect. So I think I kinda sorta accomplished goals number 2 and 3. It would be the cat's ass if I could accomplish goal number 1.


Anonymous said...

Hey there - this is Zelda30 from I was able to add your blog to my My Yahoo page. So, it looks like you've accomplished #2 and enabled #3.

Since my blog (on Yahoo 360) does the RSS from my friends' pages automatically, I'm not sure how to help you with #1. Glad I was able to be of some help, at least.

Mohawk Chieftain said...


Did you actually say, bitching???!!!

You darned wascally wabbit. And, after all I've done to further yer career... I'd say more, but I'm gonna go sharpen an arrow... just for you. You're gonna look real good, hangin' from my lodgepole....

Boo said...

Oh, don't get your leatherstockings all in a bunch, Chiefy, ol' pal. Just some good natured ribbing. Let's say we break out the peace pipe...

Anonymous said...

Did I hear someone say "peace pipe?" :)


GreeneyeZZ said...


And yes....

I would say BITCHING too! :)

You may need to help me with that one.