Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Life in the Sin Bin

. Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I went a little bit too far yesterday on the Yada Forum talking about Prince's schlong. Apparently, I went one post too many even though I cleaned up my language on the post that ultimately sent me to the "sin bin". I really wanted to post about how my presentation went but wasn't able to. I was able to briefly post while at home this morning, but it looks like the forum refs have temproarily banned my work's IP address. The forum ref needs to bend over and look with his good eye!

I've been banned many times on Yada and it had typically been for some sort of sexual innuendo. It's hard to get banned for inapporiate language as it won't let you post most of the common swear words. Funny thing that you can say "shit" but they won't let you say "ass".

Seriously though, I realize that it's a "public forum" and all and that "there might be kids reading", but I think that a majority of banishments are quite silly. I think that too many banishments is because some people have a bone to pick with others and just keep hitting the ALERT button until that person is banned. It amazes me some of the nasty trash talk that goes on (especially in the National Politics forum) that could be considered downright harassment. Someone could probably post, "I want to rip your head off and skull fuck you!" and not get banned, but I get sent to the sin bin for saying "schlong". I think the forum is a microcosm of society in general. We've got too big of a hangup on sex and I think we don't care enough about violence.

I also feel it's really sad that we can't debate about issues without resort to insults and ad hominem attacks. I'll be the first to admit that it's fun to sling some mud every now and then, but I try my best to keep on topic and keep insults to a minimum.


GreeneyeZZ said...

Awww booo!

When you comin' back to play???

Mohawk Chieftain said...

Shame on you, Boo... I never thought I'd see you... stealing images! What kind of example are you setting for Little Boo? Today: images; tomorrow: carrots & beets!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but did you talk about groceries?

Anonymous said...



FosterDad said...

neener neener neener....the bunny is being slapped on the paw.....so mcuh for the lucky rabbit's foot! Maybe 4 is too many to have! hahahaha See ya soon