Saturday, February 17, 2007


. Saturday, February 17, 2007

Here's some pictures my father sent to me from back home in Oneida, NY. Maybe not as much snow as some places like Redfield, NY or Mexico, NY but quite a bit of snow nonetheless.

Here's what good ol' Dad had to say, "Just thought maybe you would like to see what good old CNY looks like today. SUCKS!" I think that sums up the feeling of most people in the northeast - snow sucks!


Anonymous said...

I like the snow, but it makes it much more fun and tolerable if you have the tools to play/work in it, such as 4WD, plow/snowblower, snowmobiles, sleds, etc. Sledding is my favorite, hopefully till I'm 90! lol Has your son ever played in deep snow? Bring him on up. :)

Thank God my job doesn't require me to go out and work in it, as they wouldn't be fun. (such as a deliveryperson/mailman etc.)