Thursday, February 22, 2007

While the wife's away....

. Thursday, February 22, 2007

Daddy will play. My wife left this afternoon for a conference in Pittsburgh and will come back home on Sunday. Needless to say, I took this afternoon off from work and will also be taking tomorrow off. My wife volunteers for her sorority and, on average, goes to three or four conferences throughout the year.

I like it when she goes on these trips because it means, I CAN WATCH WHATEVER I WANT ON TV!!! I'm sure most of you would guess that my wife wears the pants in the family so with her being out of town, it's great to have some "freedom". I also get to do some activities with my son that my wife wouldn't necessarily approve of.

I still try and stay productive during my "time off" and work on marking up drawings while Boo Jr is upstairs playing. I'll make a trip into work and review the markups with my junior engineers so my projects still keep getting worked on while I'm gone. I usually bring my son into work on my "day's off" so I can check my voice mail, e-mail, and check in with my co-workers who are assisting me with my projects. Boo Jr's a big hit and everybody tells me how cute he is. Boo Jr usually acts all shy and covers his face, but he was pretty good today and actually said, "Hi" to some people. One of my bosses came over to talk and asked my son what his name was. My son said, "Name" (I'm obviously not going to post his real name here). He was eating a cracker at the time so my boss didn't understand him. This back and forth happened a couple more times until my son said, "NAME!" Everyone laughed.

One of the things I traditionally do while my wife's gone is paint. We've been slowly (VERY slowly to be honest) painting the house. The upstairs bathroom has been half painted for a number of weeks now, so I'll finally get around to finishing it (hopefully!) I do these projects when she's gone because I can make a big mess without her wigging out at me. She tends to "supervise" too much if I'm doing a project when she is home.

Boo Jr does fine while my wife's gone. He'll ask where she is every now and then but doesn't really "miss" her per se. Me, on the other hand... ;^) It's always great going to pick my wife up at the airport and see my son running towards my wife and giving her a big hug after she gets off the plane.

I was working on marking up drawings earlier and hopped on the computer to wind down a bit. Might head back downstairs in a little bit and see if a hockey game is on or something.

One last great thing while my wife's gone is I sleep in the spare bed. The spare bed has my old mattress on it which is much firmer than my wife's mattress that is on "our" bed. I prefer and sleep better on a firm mattress so I always sleep in the spare room while she's gone.


Anonymous said...

"I'm sure most of you would guess that my wife wears the pants in the family so with her being out of town, it's great to have some "freedom". "

Does this mean you can finally drop the skirt? Nothing wrong with wearing one. I made my then-husband get all decked out in as a female one halloween, I think he actually enjoyed it! ;) lol

Seriously, though, sounds like you guys have a lot of fun together. You're such a good dad!


AZ hiding in the weeds said...

We can paint the entire interior of a house by the number of rooms in a house. When hubby goes to work I move all the furniture to the center of the room and cover it with drop cloths. I then mask off all of the window moldings, doors, baseboards, etc., remove all the cover plates, and cut in all the corners, and paint everything you can’t do with a roller. When hubby gets home he rolls all the walls with a first coat of paint and I make dinner. After we eat he puts a second coat of paint and as he finishes a wall I remove the masking tape and wipe up any smudges that may have happened when the paint seeps under the masking tape it easier to do when the paint is still damp. When I finish my clean up I start moving the furniture back to where it belongs while hubby moves to another wall. In 2002 we painted the interiors of four houses one right after another. I usually do bathrooms by myself because hubby doesn’t like all the detail work in the bathroom.

AZ hiding in he weeds said...

Did my last comment make sense? What I meant to say is we paint one room a day until the house is done a seven room house takes seven days, etc.

Brunetta said...

What is it with guys when they have the house to themselves? In this case, I am talking about my son. I came home from work one day to find a new kitchen floor!! We had NO clue he was going to install one. And he did a great job. Then, last summer my husband and I were visiting family in another state (first time our son couldn't come with us)and when we got back home he was putting the finishing touches on a new ceramic tile floor in the bathroom!! Husband freaked a little seeing the toilet newly (?)beaded but all was well. M-m-m-m, can I get him to wallpaper the kitchen?