Monday, March 05, 2007

Teach Your Children Well

. Monday, March 05, 2007

Boo Jr will be starting T-ball this Spring. It will be his first participation in an organized sport. We went out and bought him a baseball glove, bat, and a few baseballs. He's been really excited about playing and we've been practicing playing catch. I need to get him to realize that he can move his glove to catch the ball and that the ball doesn't always fall right in his glove where Daddy tosses it (or at least tries to).

All this "father - son" stuff got me thinking about how much parents have to "teach" their kids and what an awesome responsibility it is. Sure, you realize before you have kids that you have to teach kids to go potty, tie their shoes, get dressed, feed themselves, etc. But you never really appreciate it until you go through it yourself. You begin to realize about how dependent your kids are on you for learning "the ways of the world". It makes you wonder if you're doing a good job and hope that they don't end up on drugs or in jail. It scares me to think that the issues are only going to get more and more complicated!

I know that Boo Jr isn't going to be a pro ball player. He isn't the most coordinated kid, but he makes up for it with his infinite positive attitude and his ability to have fun. It makes me feel great when Boo Jr says, "Yeah, Daddy! You WON!" even after I've beaten him 10 games in a row at Don't Break The Ice!

So once it warms up a bit again, I'll take Boo Jr outside and see how he is with that bat. Practice is going to start in a couple weeks.


Friday's Child said...

Of course there is much to teach your child...but you have a life time ahead of you and even then you won't be able to teach him everything. There is so much that I could still teach my sons, and sometimes I think they still learn things from me. My youngest son, especially, calls often to talk about things that come up and asks for my view point. So I guess my job still isn't done...nor will yours be!