Monday, December 17, 2007

My Special Book Buddy

. Monday, December 17, 2007

My son's school has a program that pairs third gradeers with Kindergarteners. Every Friday, the third grader reads a story to their partner and asks questions about the story to test their listening skills. Apparently, the third graders were assigned the tast of writing a "report" about their boo buddy. My son's book buddy, Michelle, wrote the following about him.

Booboo Bunny is awesome and totally rocks!

It all began on the second week of school when I found out Booboo Bunny would be my book buddy. He is 5 years old with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. My book buddy's favorite food is spaghetti. I also like spaghetti and love it with meatballs. Jack likes to go outside and play ball. He loves to go to Disney World and it's located in Florida. (So do I). My book buddy's favorite book to read is Jack and the Beanstalk. Also, he likes books about dinosaurs. I've read a book about dinosaurs and maybe someday he'll read that book. Boo wants me to teach him how to spell colors. His favorite person in the world is his brother. I don't have a brother so I can't relate. But, I'm sure Boo is going to be a good book buddy for the rest of the year!

I thought it was interested that my son said his favorite person is brother (being that he's an only child). More than likely, my son didn't give an answer and the third grader made the response up.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he has an imaginary brother.

Anonymous said...

Wow that's an impressive letter for a 3rd grader to write! Maybe he didn't understand what she was asking him when he answered "brother."

That's a nice program.


The Thrifty Blogger said...

What did your son say about that? My grandaughter (also an only child) will yell if someone steps on an ant, "hey that was my brother!" Or if there is a fly, or ladybug, or whatever, "don't hurt him, he's my brother!" Everything is her brother. lol We play a game, I say, "oh mother" she says "oh father" I say "oh sister" she says "oh brother" and on and on. :)