Friday, January 18, 2008

IEP Meeting

. Friday, January 18, 2008

My wife and I met with Mrs. Gopher (Boo Jr's teacher) and Mrs. Squirrel (Boo Jr's language teacher) to review and discuss his IEP. My son receives language services for 1/2 hour once a week because his language skills are not quite up to speed. He has some difficulty answering open ended questions, retelling a story, reading comprehension, and similar issues. For example, my son typically has trouble describing (on his own) what happened during his day in school. If my wife or I ask some specific questions, he'll answer them just fine, but Boo Jr still has problems with open-ended questions.

My son has made a lot of progress since the last meeting. The improvement is most evident during his Speech class (which in one-on-one with teacher), but his regular teacher has noticed improvement as well. One pleasant surprise was that Mrs. Gopher considered putting my son in the Kindergarten reading enrichment program because he has demonstrated superior reading and phonics skills. My son can read and spell some pretty complex words for his age level. They decided he wasn't quite ready for it yet because of his reading comprehension level isn't up to the same level. Mrs. Gopher said that she planned on giving Boo Jr an "E" in reading skills. And she doesn't give it out many E's. You have to really demonstrate a high acheivement level to get one. Otherwise you get an "S" (satisfactory).

Boo Jr will likely continue to receive services continuing on into 1st grade. I know we all learn in our own way, but Boo Jr needs to develop his audio learning skills more because he is a very visual learner. And as my son progresses through school, learning becomes more and more audio-based.