Thursday, April 03, 2008

Rabbit Family Update

. Thursday, April 03, 2008

  • E-mail was down at work for the past two days and is just getting back online again. I don't know how many times I'd think to myself, "Gee, I need to e-mail so-and-so" to realize again and again and again that the e-mail server was down.
  • Now that I've got FIOS at home, I installed some software from work that allows me to connect to my computer at work via a VPN. It's pretty slick. For the most part, it's just like being at my computer at work. My monitor at home is a little smaller so that makes things like running AutoCAD a little more difficult. There's a fraction of a second delay with the image on the monitor, especially with large CAD files. Being able to work from home should really help when I need to stay home to take care of the family when they're sick or if I need to be hanging around the house for a contractor to show up.
  • My wife has had really bad allergies lately. And when she's miserable, EVERYBODY is miserable.
  • Boo Jr had his first soccer practice last night. I think soccer is working out better for him than t-ball did. More action to keep him involved. He still doesn't really get the concept of sports and competition and gets a little upset if he's kicking the ball and someone kicks it away from him. But that's how he's gonna learn... So we're going to have our first game on Saturday after having only two practices. Should be interesting. Go Team Flash!
  • I've got training all day today and a half day tomorrow. I hope they have good food!
  • It's been like pulling teeth getting contractors to give me estimates for a new furnace/AC. My old one died this past weekend. I've got numerous estimates in the works and their just starting to trickle in. We'll probably disqualify one contractor (even though they had a fair price) because they had their BBB license revoked last year and had numerous outstanding complaints against them. Probably should have checked that out BEFORE I asked them to do an estimate. Another estimate was sky high and was double what the first estimate was. I wonder where on Earth this guy got his numbers from. And I know that I'm used to dealing with big commercial contractors, but the professionalism of the estimated was very poor. Bad spelling, bad grammar, poor formating, difficult to understand. Fortunately, I know what I'm looking for and can translate all the gobble-d-gook on the estimate. And why do they keep trying to sell me stuff I didn't ask for? I told them exactly what system I wanted. I'm not interested in an air cleaner or a dual-zone unit.
  • My parents got back from their trip to India this past weekend. I haven't spoken to them yet, but in an e-mail, Dad said, "Indian food sucks." Too spicy. Next on their list is Israel.


The Thrifty Blogger said...

Wow, do your parents have a blog? It'd be interesting to see pictures of all the trips they go on. They sound like they have a great life together, good for them! :)

Anonymous said...

Indian food is the BEST!

Mr newt spent a couple of months there though, and even he was tired of it by then. He was dying for a green salad.

(I've heard good things about for contractors boo --- worth the price if it's a major improvement and if angies' list is well-established in your area)