Tuesday, June 10, 2008


. Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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I witnessed a pretty bad accident on the way home from work today. I was waiting to cross the divided 4-lane highway (turning left onto Village Square Parkway). There was a white Mercedes Benz in front of me at the stop sign. The view is blocked by those waiting to turn left onto Village Square Parkway coming from the opposite direction (heading south). The Mercedes thought the coast was clear and got nailed by an SUV heading southbound. The combination of the SUV slamming on the brakes, swerving, and clipping the front of the Mercedes caused the SUV to flip nose first and land on its roof. The Mercedes just got it's front right fender smashed in. There's a police substation very close by. Police and fire showed up after just a couple minutes. Fortunately, everyone appeared to be OK. They really need to put a traffic light there. I don't attempt to cross there when I can't see and I don't trust others to wave me through. That's really pissed other cars behind me at times because I might have to wait several minutes before I'm able to safely cross.