Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Office - Pardon Our Dust

. Tuesday, September 30, 2008

These photos were taken a couple weeks before our new office opened up. I'll post more pictures as the construction workers finish the final touches on everything.

Panoramic View


My cube is tucked up against the exterior wall on the left


Anonymous said...

Looks cozy. (Not! Actually it looks cold!)

Nice gym though.


Boo said...

Not a fan of ploished concrete and exposed ductwork? I'm a bit disappointed with the exposed ductwork actually. Originally, we were going to have these cool-ass radiant heating/cooling panels, but the bids came in overbudget and they got VE'd out.

Anonymous said...

You have gym?! Neat! Gonna use it?

Boo said...

I want to try and work out a couple times a week during my lunch hour. We'll eventually have some workout machines such as treadmills, elipticals, etc. It'll probably be a while before those get set up. Lots of other more important loose ends to wrap up. We've got shower facilities too so I'm not stinky after working out. The shower facilities were provided (along with bike racks) to encourage people to ride their bikes to work.