Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rabbit Family Update

. Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's been very hectic around here lately. I don't think I blogged about it, but many of you know that Boo Jr was in the hospital back in late October. He had a bad intestinal bug and was kept in the hospital for observation and IV support. He was in the hospital for three nights. I stayed with him most of the time (just going home to shower and walk the dog) and slept on the other hospital bed at night. My wife was also sick during this time. In fact, I had to bring her to the ER in the middle of the night while my son was still in the hospital. My son soon got better and came home. They never really determined what caused him to get sick. Boo Jr got sick again the past week with a 24-hour puke bug. I think he just had a lot of mucous drain into his stomach, and that's what upset him. Fortunately, he seems to be back to normal.

My wife has continued to be sick all of this time since my son was in the hospital. My wife has been experiencing many of the same sypmtoms too. She has some other symptoms as well that my son didn't have. We've made several trips to her doctor and have been to the ER a few times (usually in the middle of the night). She has been on so many different medicines. I think I should buy some stock in Walgreens! My wife is allergic to many medicines and doesn't tolerate well many other medicines. The fact that she hasn't been getting better has really worn on her and the family as a whole. We're going to a GI today for a consult. It would really help if we could get a definately diagnoses and a definite treatment plan. I think not knowing what the problem is is what's really weighing on my wife's mind.

All of the above has been really stressful for me. Obviously, I'm stressed that my loved ones were/are sick and I want them to feel better. But I'm also being stressed by other stuff going on. I've been really busy at work and having to take time off from work to take care of my family has made work stressful. Fortunately, I've managed to keep up with everything, but it's just another thing in my brain to fret about.

The economy has really got me worried too. Even though I'm busy at work, that doensn't mean I'm immune to being laid off. Some potential good news my boss told me earlier this week is that he plans to nominate me to be made Senior Associate. That's good because then it's less likely I'd be laid off (ie - my boss wouldn't nominate me if he was targeting me to be laid off). One of the benefits of making Senior Associate is that your health care premiums are paid at 100% (even for a family policy). This would be a big bonus for me. It would also help out considering that our company has temporarily suspended matching 401k contributions and have frozen our salaries. Making it more likely that I will be made Senior Associate is the fact that the company is strongly considering expanding the engineering department to serve two of our other offices. I am the person my boss has in mind to lead this department. This was an idea that I had presented to my bosses at my most recent performance appraisal. So it would be great if all of this happens. Good stuff, certainly, but it has added to my stress level.

Other random news:

  • I volunteer at as an environmental coordinator for my son's elementary school. I started a battery recycling program, and we recycled almost 50 pounds of batteries during the month of October. I expect being that that was the first month of the program that we collect much fewer batteries in the coming months. But maybe I will be surprised just like I was surprised at how many batteries we recycled to start with.
  • Speaking of people not feeling well - even Sofie has her problems. She's has a hot spot on her front leg that she keeps licking. It was getting sore looking so she's been "Cone Dog" for the past week or so while it heals up.
  • Some good news from work is that we will still be getting our bonuses. I usually treat myself to a little something and plan on getting a couple new Porcupine Tree CDs. The rest of it was originally going to go to a new mattress. Now it looks like much of the bonus will be sent on medical bills. Sigh...

I sure hope everyone else out there is healthy and have been weathering this bad economy. Take care everyone!


Anonymous said...

Prescription meds are incredibly strong and so are their side effects. Even if your wife wasn't sensitive to them, a lot of them are pretty toxic and could be causing some of her symptoms even as they relieve others! I bet that excellent health insurance of yours probably covers visits with a nutritionist and/or osteopath, both of which can be very helpful without being invasive.

Also you sound like you need a massage! Take care of yourself boo. Remember the instructions the flight attendant gives before takeoff --- you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you can help the person next to you with theirs.


It's you know who! said...

Good advice newt! A friend of mine is going to a Chinese medicine doctor and he has worked wonders without medicine, using acupuncture. Her mother no longer has urinary incontinence after having acupunture treatments! That is crazy! (and great!)

Alternative medicine is definitely something you should consider boo. But get recommendations from others who have had success with a particular Dr. first. I hope your family life, their health, and your work life improve soon! :)

Friday's Child said...

Boo...I have to agree with primary care is an Osteopath and I really like the fact that we explore all avenues not just meds. oldest son is allergic to penicillin and any drug that is derived from it. When he gets sick he is very limited in what antibiotics can be prescribed.

I wondering....if your wife was sick with a stomach related issue why she was on antibiotics?

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to complain, boo, but it would be nice if you would respond to comments on your blog once in a while. You don't have to agree with what people say and it doesn't have to be an ongoing conversation, but I think it's kind of rude to invite comments and then not reply when people write to you.


Boo said...

Sorry Newt. I don't have access to my blog at work and have had limited time on the computer at home lately. I was meaning to e-mail you some time next week to discuss something offline with you. You are correct in general though that I haven't done a good job keeping up my end of the deal commenting when others have left their comments

Anonymous said...

No worries boo, like I said I don't mean to complain. That was a serious post of yours though, and even though it's "only" online, people care about you & your family. I'm glad everyone is feeling better =)