Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Tree Photo Contest - Results

. Tuesday, December 30, 2008

4thefun was the only person to correctly guess all of the photos and is the winner of this year's Christmas Tree Photo Contest. Thanks to everyone who sent photos and who participated in the contest. I will post a photo of the prize (a photo of an original piece of Boo Jr artwork) at a later date.


It's you know who! said...

Hah! I knew she was right. That was pretty easy. Sorry I didn't get a chance to send a photo in. Maybe you should have everyone send in a New Year's Eve drink photo, (after New Year's Eve of course) and guess who was drinking what. :)

Anonymous said...

Well congrats! ;-) I only confused 2 of them, and since I posted first I gave away at least mine and probably Boo's as I recognized his living room from previous pictures. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thank You, Thank You, I knew Kim's and BR's from pictures on your blog, the rest I guessed and got them right. I look forward to my art piece from lil rabbit. : )


It's you know who! said...

I knew dk's and boo's, they have the same type of house. Mdm's was easy, because he's Jewish. Jat said hers was the prettiest, so that was easy too. That only left zz's ornament! Everyone should have got these right lol. Congrats 4thefun! :)