Saturday, March 28, 2009


. Saturday, March 28, 2009

I learned about Stellaluna when my son and I were in Barenes and Noble. Boo Jr had received a gift card for his birthday and we were checking out books to buy. I noticed this book on display because it is by the same author that wrote Verdi. Boo Jr decided not to get this book and got a couple other books instead.

Fastforeward a week. My wife and I had a meeting with Boo Jr's teacher. At the end of the meeting, she talked about this website called Storyonline. Actors from the Screen Actors Guild read children's books. So I checked out the site and one of the books was Stellaluna. It's about a baby bat that gets separated from her mother and is raised by birds. Boo Jr loved the book so much that she asked the librarian about it on Friday. I was very proud of him that he remembered the name of the book and asked the librarian to find it for him.

Check out the website yourself and listen to Stellaluna. There are lots of other great stories available to listen to too.


Friday's Child said...

Stellaluna has been around for many years and is a wonderful book. I'm glad Boo found it and I'm glad that Boo and his parents are book lovers...:)