Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thank You For Shopping!

. Thursday, April 16, 2009

Over the past several months, since the time there's been no doubt that we're in a deep recession, I've noticed that sales clerks and store personnel seem to be a lot friendlier and helpful. My wife has especially noticed that at JCPenney and Target. Even the normally friendly and helpful people at Ukrops seem to be friendlier and more helpful.

Businesses also seem to be doing more to try and drum up more business. I normally take my car to Midas for my car's oil change. Midas has never called me before to remind me I'm do for an oil change. But I got a call from them a couple days ago, three months to the day of my last oil change, to remind me that I'm due for an oil change and if I'd like to set up an appointment. Just yesterday, I got an offer from Verizon in the mail if I want to extend my current bundle package (tv, internet, and phone) for another year for $99/month (1 year committment). My current package deal doesn't even run out for another year. And when I first signed up, I was worried I'd have to threaten to cancel my service in order to get a good deal again. Guess I was wrong.