Friday, July 31, 2009

Organic Food Study

. Friday, July 31, 2009

A recently published medical study asserts that organic food is no healthier than conventional food. I think that the media is doing a disservice in the way it's presenting this story. Who buys organic because they think it's more nutritious? The study the article cited was completely irrelevant and the headline was misleading. Just because organic food isn't more nutritious doesn't mean it's not "healthier." I know I'm not going to get extra potasium eating an organic banana versus a regular one. I know I'm not going to get extra vitamins from eating organic strawberries versus eating regular ones. I know I'll be conusming less pesticides though. Even if there are studies that say it's "OK" to consume a certain level of pesticides, I'd rather keep my consumption to an absolute minimum.

The study also doesn't consider the other positive effects of organic farming. Less pesticides and such means less crap pollutes our land, water, and air. I've heard reviews for the movie Food, Inc. and they talk about people wearing hazmat suits while they're spraying produce with pesticides. Do you want to be eating this food? I'd rather not.