Friday, September 04, 2009

Reusable Grocery Bags, Obama, and More

. Friday, September 04, 2009

Last night was my first night volunteering at my son's school selling reusable grocery bags. Our green club is selling them as a fundraiser. The school has several Back to School Nights where parents come to school, listen to the principal talk, and also meet their child's teacher for the year. The PTA is there hawking their goods and the school was selling the agendas that each student is required to purchase.

We had our table set up adjacent to the school's table with the agendas. That was a good idea because everyone attending had to stop at the school's table to purchase an agenda. I may seem kind of outspoken/outgoing on my blog, but it real life, I'm kind of on the quiet side. I'm not really much of a salesbunny either. I ended up selling about 20 bags last night (which for the amount of traffic we had isn't all that bad). One thing that worked against us is people started showing up about 15 minutes before the principal spoke. So for the parents, they seemed preoccupied with getting their agenda and getting to their seat in the cafeteria. I think we would sell more bags if we sent out an order form. Maybe we'll do that once we get into the school year a little bit. A number of people complimented the looks of the bag, which made me happy since I designed them. It would be cool if in the next few weeks I see my bags out an about at the grocery store.

During the time while the principal was speaking, things were quiet in the front lobby. The school office staff (who was selling the agendas) were chatting. They mentioned how the phones were ringing off the hooks the past couple days. I asked if it was parents asking what time the Back to School Nights started. Nope. It was people freaking out about Obama's upcoming speach to school kids.

Well, this is what they think is going to happen:

He's going to turn your children into activist haranguers for his policies.

He's turning your precious children into "kiddie human shields."

He's recruiting his own "Hitler youth brigade."

He's turning our children into Community Organizers!

He's trying to subvert the traditions and values that parents hold dear.

He's brainwashing your children into the Cult of Obama.

He's forcing children into compulsory volunteerism.

He's become our Dear Leader, and his presence in school classrooms is unprecedented.

You can disgree with Obama's politics but this is taking things too far. Here's what Obama was planning on talking about. I certainly don't see anything wrong with it. Why didn't these people protest when Reagan and Bush made similar speeches to school kids? I don't remember Democrats freaking out about a Republican president talking to our kids either. This country is fucked in the head!

I learned that the Chesterfield County School District will NOT be showing Obama's speech. For our school district, the speech will take place on the first day of school. The school claims that things are just too crazy on the first day of school to try and organize an event like this. I can certainly appreciate that fact and respect that decision. I also think that their decision was also influenced by all the phone calls the school received.