Monday, October 05, 2009

That's My Boy!

. Monday, October 05, 2009

It was busy weekend here at the Rabbit household. We had our company picnic to go to on Saturday and a birthday party on Sunday. It was just me and my son who went to the picnic. My wife is just getting over being sick and has a sorority conference to go to later this week so she didn't want to push her luck getting sick again. This year, the picnic was held at the president's house. He has a horse farm out in the boonies west of Richmond. It's a really nice house. We had it at his house this year because of the down economy. He provided the hamburgs, hot dogs, and sodas while everyone else brough a dish to pass. He has a large playset in his back yard for his grandkids, so that's where everyone's kids spent most of their time. There was one older woman who was looking over an infant who was playing in the kitchen under slide platform. Boo Jr was playing in there for a while too. When I stopped by to check in on my son, the woman complemented me on how well behaved he was and how gentle he was with the baby.

Yesterday, we had a birthday party to go to. It was at Mad Science. I stayed at the party because it was a half hour away and I didn't know the birthday boy's parents. It was a pretty neat party with lots of fire and loud noises, but I would never spend that kind of money on a party like that. The birthday boy's mother complemented me a number of times about how "awesome" his manners are. I can see why when you compare him to one girl who complained that her second slice of pizza was too small and was whining "when are we going to get our gift bags?". I was a little bummed that Boo Jr didn't want to go on the hovercraft ride. I think he was scared of the loud noise made by the blower. I had Boo Jr thank birthday boy's mom for the party, and unprompted, he gave her a hug. That really made my day. I need moments like that to reaffirm that my wife and I are doing a good job raising our son. The way my son acts at home sometimes (especially getting him downstairs to eat dinner), it makes you wonder how good a job you're doing. I guess we're doing just fine.