Monday, October 19, 2009


. Monday, October 19, 2009

Many of you know that I volunteer for the Green Club at my son's elementary school. It's been quite a rewarding experiencing, but I've been experiencing some frustration lately. I'm one of two parents who are quite involved and do a bulk of the work. At the beginning of the year, we asked parents to volunteer to be green club representatives for their child's classroom. Their duties would be minimal such as to make sure the classroom had the appropriate recycle bins. We had a really great response and had 50 parents sign up.

Our club conducts numerous fundraisers and projects throughout the school year. Our next event is participating in the school's "Fall Festival". They have a pumpkin lighting, face painting, and other crap for the kids. I sent a mass e-mail out to everyone asking for volunteers to help out with the Green Club's activities at this event. We need people to sell reusable grocery bags, and we need people to keep an eye on the recycling stations and swap the bags out so they don't overflow. I was hoping we would get a dozen or so volunteers to split up the duties. So far, we've only gotten two responses out of 50.

I'm more peaved that people can't be bothered to respond to the e-mail than anything. It's OK if you can't volunteer because you weren't planning on attending the event anyway. But at least have some courtesy and let me know that. I know everyone can't be as gung-ho as me, but I think people can give up 15 minutes of their time at an event like this so they can sell bags or something.


Lori said...


So sorry to hear about the high volunteer 'flake rate' at your school. It's so darn frustrating when a few moms end up doing the heavy lifting!!

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Boo said...

Thanks so much. The service looks really promising. We might give that a try on one of our future events.