Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Parent/Teacher Conference

. Wednesday, November 04, 2009

My wife and I attended the first parent/teacher conference this school year. Boo Jr. is now in second grade and has been doing well. He had a bit of a rough patch adjusting to first grade and had a number of distractions to deal with. He was hospitalized last fall with salmonella poisoning and had a long term substitute teacher in the spring when his first grade teacher was out for several weeks due to a health issue.

The teacher described my son as "such a sweet and polite boy" and being "so enthusiastic" about school. It's great to hear comments about that to confirm that you're doing a good job raising your child. Boo Jr's doing well overall. He's above average in a couple areas and needs a little help in some other areas. He's made some great progress eith his reading comprehension skills and getting it more in line with his reading ability.

I really like Boo Jr's teacher, Mrs. L. His first grade teacher last year, Mrs. F, was OK, but Mrs. L just seems more warm and caring. That seems to be more beneficial in Boo Jr's success in school. I'm hoping that he continues to excell in his strengths and make progress with his weaknesses because third grade brings the dreaded SOL tests.