Friday, May 26, 2006

Day 15 – Ashland, MT to Broadus, MT

. Friday, May 26, 2006

Temperature: 78°F
Conditions: Clear
Wind: NW 11 mph

Ride Info
Altimeter Trip: 1,850 ft
Altimeter Odometer: 36,560 ft
Maximum Speed: 38.5 mph
Average Speed: 20.2 mph
Distance Trip: 46.3 miles
Distance Odometer: 1,082.7 miles
Elapsed Time: 2 hr 12 min 06 sec

Today was a pseudo rest day, but I wasn’t in the mood for rest. I was in the mood for kickin’ some ass. I was feeling frisky and wanted to haul ass!

To be honest, I don’t remember much went on this day. Looking at my average speed (over 20 mph), I could tell that I had a good day. More than likely, I was back to riding with Chip and Jim. As you can see from the map, there ain’t dick between Ashland and Broadus so there was no real reason to stop. I do remember seeing some funky looking hills and the region being pretty arid. It was cooler today too, which was a welcome change from the heat we experienced over the last several days.

Stayed at a rinky-dink K-12 school in Broadus. I don’t know why I remember this, but I remember that there were NO TOILET PARTITIONS in the bathrooms. At this point, we’re pretty much all “family” and if you’ve gotta take a dump, you gotta take a dump. It’s just kind of weird sitting on the john with another guy taking a shit on the toilet right next to you.

One thing I was looking forward to was getting out of Montana. Don’t get me wrong. Montana was my favorite state on my trip. It was more of a feeling along the lines of chalking up another state as “DONE”. I was starting to feel a little homesick and was especially missing my girlfriend, Laura. Being that we’d be heading into a fairly large town tomorrow, I figured I’d try and do something special for her.


GreeneyeZZ said...

What's up with that asshole? It sounds like someone piddled in his Cheerios this morning. Jerk.

Boo said...

You mean Stockholder? He's been coming after me for a while since LadyCop doesn't post often anymore. He thinks I'm a brown noser because I'm successful at my job.