Thursday, June 01, 2006

Clean cars

. Thursday, June 01, 2006

I own a 2002 Toyota Camry. Every now and then, I have fellow coworkers as passengers in my car (whether it be to a job site or simply lunch). Like clockwork, everyone always compliments how clean the car and is how it still smells like new. That's funny because my wife always complains that the car smells like our dog, Sofie.

Now I am definately not the type of person that cleans their car every week. I'm lucky if I wash it once a month. Vacuuming the inside of the car might be every other month. But apparently my car is a lot cleaner inside than most other people's cars (who have small children). My experience riding in my coworkers' cars bears this out. Do they drive their cars that much more than me? Are their kids that much more of a slob than mine? We don't go on big long trips often so there's no need to keep Boo Jr quiet with juice and Cherrios. There aren't toys and books strewn across the back seat and floor. It just surprises me how clean the interior of my car is compared to other people because I really am not a neat freak by any stretch of the imagination.


Anonymous said...

My car is pretty clean, as is the truck, EXCEPT for on long trips. Then all bets are off...juice boxes cereal,'s just everywhere. But, we clean it quickly. That's the truck, though - we don't tend to take the bug on long husband is 6'2 so it's too cramped for him. In the back of my car I have toys, but they're all put away neatly in the stoarage area right in front of my sons seat, so they're not all over the place, and he doesn't normally eat in there, so that's not an issue. My car smells like hay. I have no idea why - I've never had hay in my car.

Mary said...

Boo, you have to realize that when you eat dinner at Kim's house, you'd better not put your fork down between bites because the plate will be in the dishwasher by the time you're ready for another bite. You can't put anything down because it will disappear. A place for everything and everything in its place. Drives me nuts.

Anonymous said...

Oh BULL! :-o YOU just leave things laying around! :-o I put things away when I'm done. So ha! ;-)

gwen said...

Oh she's one of THOSE people! LOL I've known a few waitresses like that! :)

My car, well let's not talk about the ickiness in the back seat. Time for a cleaning!