Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Day 28 –Corydon, IA to Farmington, IA

. Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Temperature: 80°F
Conditions: Partly Sunny
Wind: NW 7 mph

Ride Info
Altimeter Trip: 1,760 ft
Altimeter Odometer: 62,230 ft
Maximum Speed: 45.0 mph
Average Speed: 20.1 mph
Distance Trip: 93.8 miles
Distance Odometer: 2,151.7 miles
Elapsed Time: 4 hr 17 min 59 sec

Yet another long day in the saddle today. Chip didn’t ride with Jim and me much today, so it was just the two of us most of the day. It was more of the rolling hills, but they weren’t quite as numerous or steep as yesterday. Both of us still felt fresh after yesterday’s effort, and the two of us put in another quality effort today. The roads we traveled had some interesting 90° turns for no apparent reason other than, perhaps, to follow the property lines of the farm land. Usually, there’s some geographic feature that prompts this. Farmington, Iowa is very close to the border to Missouri. Shortly before reaching the campground, Jim and I saw a sign for “Missouri State Line – 1 mile that-a-way”. The two of us took a little detour so we could say that we rode our bike through Missouri on our trip.
Tomorrow, our ride would take us across the mighty Mississippi River and into a new state – Illinois.