Friday, September 08, 2006

Day 37 – Parkersburg, WV to Clarksburg, WV

. Friday, September 08, 2006

Temperature: 89°F
Conditions: HHH
Wind: SW 7 mph

Ride Info
Altimeter Trip: 4,220 ft
Altimeter Odometer: 76,080 ft
Maximum Speed: 38.0 mph
Average Speed: 35.5 mph
Distance Trip: 75.9 miles
Distance Odometer: 2,881.9 miles
Elapsed Time: 3 hr 59 min 11 sec

Today was a tough day. Lots of hills as you can imagine in West Virginia. Constant ups and downs with no flat sections to catch your breath. I actually spent most of the day riding by myself. The hills weren’t difficult but the constant ups and downs really hurt my average speed. The hot and humid weather made things difficult as well. None the less, I was in high spirits and enjoyed the beautiful mountain scenery. We stayed on Rt 50 all the way into Clarksburg, which is another decent sized town (16,000 people).

Camp was a nice church right in downtown. Being that today’s ride only took four hours, we had the whole afternoon to do whatever we wanted. I was in desperate need of a hair cut so I walked around town and stopped in at the first beauty salon I found. I had more hair back then but I still kept it pretty short (#2 clippers in the back and on the sides and blended in on top). I ended up going to this one place that all the old biddies go to. The woman that cut my hair had to ask one of her coworkers how to use the clippers. She did a decent job. Walked around a bit more and then hung out at the church until dinner.

After dinner, I settled in to my normal evening routine of writing my daily letter to Laura. Late that night, a fierce thunderstorm blew in, and the weather forecast called for heavy rains all day tomorrow. I was actually looking forward to riding in the rain again. It was certainly going to be an epic day and what would turn out to be the hardest and most grueling day of the entire trip.


gram&lala&m&b said...

LOL I can't believe you just blogged about a haircut, you crack me up boo! :-)

Boo said...

Well there's not much else to talk about in Clarksburg, WV. Have a great weekend!