Monday, September 11, 2006

In Remembrance...

. Monday, September 11, 2006

All gave some. Some gave all. I salute the heroes and victims of September 11, 2001.

Please feel free to leave your memories of this tragic day.


Mohawk Chieftain said...

I was at work, when I first heard, from a co-worker, that a plane had hit one of the Towers.

The first thought in my head, was that of a small, private plane, off course, or something. I was shocked (and few things "shock" this jaded old soul....)

That night, when I saw the video replays, I was mesmerized by them. It was simply overwhelming.

And it is nowhere near over; now we hear the news of all the respiratory problems the surviving clean-up workers and volunteers are having as well.

And, if the news that our government knew more about it, ahead of time, is true.... My God!

It's like Pearl Harbor secrets, all over again.

It is soooo sad.

Anonymous said...

My boss and I were out *in the field* and were unaware of the event until we returned to our building. I can remember walking in and seeing people cluster around radios and wondering what the hell was going on. When my boss and I were finally told we stood in disbelief. Total disbelief. A tv was brought down from the court room and we watched in horror as the second tower was hit. There were no words to describe watching them collapse.

My boss was frantically calling her daughter and son in law who at the time lived in CT and worked in NYC. Luckily that day they had stayed at home, safe.

While all of this was occuring my oldest son called me from his college which was now locked down. He was scared and confused and not getting much info. I also had to go and find my youngest son who had been evacuated from our high school. Then I hurriedly made plans with the oldest son again on a meeting place if he had to evacuate the college and if I felt we had to leave the state.

Mostly it was just a feeling of disbelief. How could this happen? Why did this happen? All those questions. Deep sorrow.

Anonymous said...

I was at home alone, called a friend and he told me to turn on the tv. I tried calling my daughter who was away at college. I finally got hold of her.

Later in the day I had to go to work and it was very slow as most of the lines were "all circuits busy" and calls would not go through. We all just sat around and waited for the phone lines to clear. Many were let to go home.

When phones did start working again, we had many calls from people in NYC who were just frantic and terrified and wanted someone to talk to, even if it was just an operator.

Days later, I found out a friend I had gone to college with and hadn't seen in years had died in the WTC when the 2nd plane hit- he was on a floor above it. It was very sad.

I know he's with the angels now. I look forward to meeting up with him again someday.

gwen said...

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gwen said...

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