Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bad Customers

. Thursday, October 05, 2006

Many moons ago, I talked about bad (and good) customer service. Today, I'll talk about bad customers. I had to run some errands during my lunch break so I stopped at the Hardees to grab some lunch. It was 12:30 by that point so it was pretty busy there. An old crochety woman in front of me was restless waiting in line. Nearly every minute, she loudy announced that she was waiting a long time in line, that she was in a hurry, and that they needed more people working. She asked where the manager was. Well she was out back helping getting orders together. Finally, she gets to the front and gives her order - two strawberry shakes made with EXTRA ice cream and NO WHIPPED CREME. And make sure you fill it all the way to the top because last time they didn't fill the cup all the way up. Like I said, it was busy (it's lunchtime for Christ's sake), and she was asking every minute to have her order filled and why was it taking so long. The takeout girl made some shakes and the woman yelled, "I wanted a STRAWBERRY shake with NO WHIPPED CREME!" Those shakes weren't for you, Honey. The girl explained that the orders were being filled in the order they were received but that didn't placate the woman. The girl everntually got around to filling her order. "I want the name and telephone number of the owner!" After enough her bitching, some of the people in line told her to stop complaining and making comments like "someone here's having a bad day..." When she left, the people in line clapped. You could tell that the employees were busting their ass to get things done. No sense bitching and complaining because you ain't gonna get your food any faster that way.


Kim said...

I remember people like that from when I was a cashier. Thankfully, they're not all that common. Geeez.

Anonymous said...

If the workers handled her well then maybe you could write a note to the manager/owner about it. Could be worth another 15 cents an hour or something.