Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving Redux

. Monday, November 27, 2006

I was hoping to sleep in (or as least as much as my 4 year old son would let me) during these days off, but I had no such luck. I was awoken at 6:30 Thanksgiving morning by my MIL making a racket in the kitchen making some tea. After taking a shower, getting dressed, and getting Boo Jr ready for the day, my FIL and I worked on tearing down a section of wall board in the upstairs bathroom. That went easier than I expected. After lunch, the two of us attacked the faucets. We disconnected the old, cheapy faucets and installed the new ones. Click HERE for some pictures of our handywork.

While FIL and I working on the bathroom, my wife and her mother worked on getting Thanksgiving dinner ready. Seems that Thanksgiving and the other major holidays are the only times my wife cooks. I went downstairs to help in the final preperation. I nuked some stuffing, went to heat up the gravy, and ZZZZAPPPPP!!! The microwave shit the bed. Fortunately, that was the last thing we needed the microwave for so we just heated the gravy in a sauce pan on the stove. The microwave was almost 15 years old so it lived a good life.

After eating dinner and resting a little bit, everyone opened their Christmas presents. We were celebrating Christmas with my wife's parents since we wouldn't be seeing them at Christmas. Boo Jr made out like a bandit and got lots of clothes and toys. I got an SU sweatshirt and an SU denim button-down shirt. Not bad considering in past years my inlaws have gotten me gifts as lame as new socks and underwear.


gwen said...

Whoa, I hope your wife and her parents don't read this blog! LOL

"Seems that Thanksgiving and the other major holidays are the only times my wife cooks."

"Not bad considering in past years my inlaws have gotten me gifts as lame as new socks and underwear."

Maybe you should give her some cookbooks for Christmas? Or some cooking classes that would get her out a night a week and get some yummy food? haha :)

And I bet they bought you those "lame" gifts because your wife told them to? Otherwise how would they know what size to buy, etc.? My mother always does that, tells me what to buy for my S/F, socks and underwear, sorry, NO! lol Yuck! I don't even ask anymore.

Anonymous said...

Ummm. Boo...what Gwen said....they don't read this, right? I hope not...if I were them I might take it the wrong way. Is there a right way to take that? Unless they have really great senses of humor and know you're just messing around with them.

Does your wife really not cook? Do you eat out a lot or do you do all the cooking? I do all the cooking during the week and my husband cooks on the weekends. We're both really good cooks. That sounded like I was bragging. LOL! I'm really not bragging, but we are both really good cooks! We both enjoy cooking, although, I do admit, there are times when I do grab something from the freezer and just nuke it, or make a box (blah) or mac and cheese, but for the most part it's always something pretty good that requires cooking.

I actually like getting socks and underware for Christmas. LOL! I've even put those items on my wish-list before.

Boo said...

I do all of the cooking. I just stated facts about how often my wife cooks. She doesn't like to cook so it goes to me by default.

And I am perturbed with my inlaws gifts considering I give them a list of things I would like and I never get any of them. The underwear wasn't a "joke". It was something I needed but it is not an appropriate present to get from inlaws.