Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Trip to the Dentist

. Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Went to the dentist this morning before heading into work. I HATE going to the dentist. I just can't seem to get into the habit of flossing my teeth even though any of the dental problems I have would be prevented if I simply flossed. It was actually a year since I last went to the dentist so I was expecting the worst. I missed my appointment in the spring because my wife had a car emergency and needed to get my son to preschool. Things went fairly well - all things considered. I have to go back next week though because I have a small cavity on my lower right wisdom tooth.

Another painfull thing about going to the dentist is the bill. My company offers the worst dental insurance. It's my biggest complaint about my company. It's not even "real" insurance. It's some cockamamy plan that's actually MORE expensive than simply paying out of pocket.


Anonymous said...

Does your company have a pre-tax medical savings account? That's been great for dental and the boys' orthodonture. We hold off applying for reimbursements until this time of year, so Christmas shopping is painless too.


Boo said...

Yes - we have a flexible spending account and we take everyone's semi-annual cleanings into account. Hopefully, when Mrs Bunny goes back to work, she will have a good dental plan

Anonymous said...

What the heck? You and Z BOTH posted about going to the dentist this morning. Did you two plan that?

You're about the only person I know who still has wisdom teeth. Mine were all impacted...severely, and sideways. Had them all out at once under general anesthesia. WHEW!

GreeneyeZZ said...

ok. This is a bit freaky. Have we discovered the 4th dimension??

I saw your post earlier but didn't have time to respond until now.

And YES! I'm STILL Cranky! I've had my coffee, so now I'm awake AND Cranky!

Not only did boo and I post about the same thing....

I too have all my wisdom teeth!


Boo said...

ZZ must be my long lost twin!