Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sofie Update

. Tuesday, February 12, 2008

As many of you know, my dog, Sofie, recently had bladder surgery to remove a 1" diameter bladder stone. She's been recovering very well, and I appreciate all the well wishes I've received. Sofie has about a 2" incision on her abdomen, which is closed by 6 staples. Sofie goes back to the vet on Monday to get her staples removed. Apparently, the vet has a tool that removes the staples quickly and painlessly without having to put the pet under sedation. The vet is having the stone sent off to the lab to see what it is made of and so he can recommend what changes we need to make to Sofie's diet. Sofie's front left leg is shaved from where her IV was. It looks like she's wearing a fuzzy snow boot on her paw.

It seems that whenever we manage to get a few $$$ saved away, something unexpected seems to come up. We had Sofie's teeth scaled while she was sedated for her surgery to save some money in the long run. At the end of the day, we spent about $1,000 on Sofie. When she first got home, she was REALLY clingy and would look at us as if to say, "Thank you for helping me" and "Thank you for not putting me down." Sofie is only 8 years old and it would be a shame to put her down. We're certainly not made of money but are fortunate to be able to afford such a surgery. I feel bad for other pet owners who aren't as fortunate as we are and would have to put their pet down if their pet required surgery such as this.


4thefun said...

Glad she's doing OK. I know what you mean about having extra $$ and then something happens to your pets. Ours had to have a hernia operation and we decided to get her teeth cleaned and one pulled while she was out to avoid another operation. That was an unexpected $500. we didn't plan on spending.

Sophie's lucky you were able to do that for her. : )

The Thrifty Blogger said...

Glad she's doing ok now. :)

Friday's Child said...

Glad she's on the road to recovery Boo. I've been in the same boat as you with my pets needing emergency surgery. Perhaps in the future....pet insurance?