Monday, March 17, 2008

Pirate Party

. Monday, March 17, 2008

My son's 6th Birthday is next week, but we had his birthday party this past Saturday because next weekend is the start of Spring Break. We invited a samll number of kids to the party and had it right at our warren. There were six kids total (including Boo Jr). There were several games to play at the party. We played "Stick the X on the Pirate Map" first. My wife found a pirate map graphic on the internet, and I printed it out nice and large at work. We blindfolded the kids, spun them around, and had them stick foamy, sticky "X's on the map. A couple other games we played were ring toss and a bean bag toss. But the favorite game was the fishing game. We attached dental floss and a magnet to the end of a long cardboard tube to create a fishing poll. My wife cut out many foam fish and attached a paper clip to them. The object of the game is to catch as many fish as you can in two minutes. It's trickier than it seems. One kid had a really good knack at it and was able to get all but one in the alloted time.

I don't think any of the kids ate prior to the party because they wolfed down the pizza we had for lunch. Each kid had two slices and a couple kids asked for a third. We had cake and ice cream after we finished the pizza. I cut a piece of wall board and set it on top of some paint cans to create a table for the kids. A table cloth dressed it up to make it all look nice.

Only one of the parents stuck around for the party. I was disappointed that more didn't stick around because we had put together some snacks and drinks for the adults. I was glad that Maggie Muskrat's mom stayed because she helped keep the kids in order while my wife and I were busy taking care of other tasks.

The party lasted two hours and time flew by fast. We got each kid a pirate coloring book and a package of crayons for a party favor. The kids also got to keep their pirate hats and eye patches. Oh, I almost forgot that we made foamy pirate necklaces to start off the party too.

Presents! How can I forget to mention that! My son got some pretty good stuff. He got a Lego fire truck, a stomp rocket, a handheld rocket launcher, a neat little Frisbee-type toy, and a Cars DVD. We already have that movie so we will probably return it to the store for a credit towards something else.

We had the parents give us their e-mail address so we could send them pictures of their child with Boo Jr and any other pictures of their child at the party.

It really makes me feel good inside to see my son get along so well with his friends. Claire Caribu drew my son a picture of the two of them holding hands and wrote, "Thank you for being the best friend in the whole world!"

I'll post some more pictures later on!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little Boo!

The Thrifty Blogger said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you guys had a great party. And didn't spend a lot of money either. Don't need that to have a good time. Good for you. :)